Fear before the first day of school?

2021-09-01 15:00:38 JESUS

Hi, I have not visited a school since January and today is my first day of school. I'm already tense all day mega and excited, I'm scared that I do not bind there, I do not want to be alone and would like to find my friends there.

How do I calm myself? How was you with you? Do you always find a group or anyone with which one goes together in the break, talking and so? What Is Who I'm not talking so much? just have shit that I'm putting on myself there at the end ..

I know that I can do it, but have shit: /



So for the first time you have school tomorrow, that means do you definitely leave you. You have to rest so that you are fit tomorrow (actually today). And do not make you a big head. You know you and you know that you are a good person. Try to think about your strengths. For example, you can be nice, creative, intelligent etc. Try to make you less nervous. And do not break your head over tomorrow. Everything will be fine! I also came to a new class in August 2020 (12th grade) and was a bit nervous. But you will get used to you. Trust me. The beginning will be a bit heavy. But after two weeks at the latest, I'm sure you can find yourself. Just be friendly to the others. ButOf course not so nice that the others tell you something and you do it or something similar. So be kind but not so that it hurts your morality. And is not frustrated if you do not make so many friends. 1 - 3 friends or contact persons from the class completely enough! Just try to make any enemies in class, so try to be neutral with the others. And the most important thing is that you build a good relationship with your new teachers and concentrate well on learning. So you should take care good in class and try to write good notes and to insist the school year. That's absolutely most important. One goes first and foremost to school to learn and for his education and not to make friends.

Now I hope that my answer has helped you and maybe you calmed down something. I wish you all the best and that you start in a successful school year.

Good night :)


Do not worry so many thoughts !! : D

There will be different anyway than you present.

Most of the time it is so that many new students are impressive and do not know each other.

I would recommend you to go at an early stage, then maybe you can choose a nice seat :) It will then sit by alone someone beside you and you are not the one who has to choose.

Groups will be form by alone. You should not be afraid of "alonebe "because that also has many advantages: you can concentrate on you, will not be distracted, will not be involved in meaningless disputes ...

Try not shy to work, ask your secondary chair as small things like" You with bus or train where do you live, ...

Have fun! :)


Try to look good .. Then people want to have something to do with you. If you are in the class association you usually find good friends / acquaintances. I am in the course system and completely alone and have no friends. There are pauses where I have to enclose myself in the toilet. In some lunch breaks I run around with a few other girls, but they are obviously annoyed by me. They just do not want to be unfriendly and reject me.


not best come with huge eye rings.

The best way to come as early as possible and talking individually with those who have come early. Scho are determined to have formed groups after two days after the start of school. But if you find one that finds you all right, you'll come in my own groups. Otherwise, it can be due to Corona that there is also loners who are looking for the same and there can be friends. Over time, you all get to know each other and friends can be found.

You make it easier for you when you go to people from you and take loose & interesting.

It was with me it was so that I have formed myself with a first a duo, as we couple in commonHad and then another duo came to me, as I seemed to look very interesting. All guys were cool and a big circle in the cafeteria has formed. With free hours you will also meet the girls.

And yes best now try to sleep and fake it till you make it. Distribouting self-confidence and as a late one is actually good cards, since you do not yet know about the system. Since you can ask people what they have made in the last two days or whether they can show you the building. As the teachers are on it and co.


You do not have to be afraid. As you do you because of Corona many people and you are certainly not the only student who is awake now and siCh's thinking.

Always breathe deeply and do not think of what everything could go wrong, but how well that will be in school. After all, you have almost sitting at home almost a year and finally see something new ☺️

I'll keep your fingers crossed, will be fine.

Fear before the first day of school?