Get stand because of my sister?

2021-09-01 22:01:06 BERNARD

Hi I'm M16.

The question is really unpleasant but I just make them. So my sister W14 almost 15 runs often at home in the bra. This sometimes I get a stiff. Do not really want it but it just happens.

Am I now weird or is it normal that that happens?


Hello! If your sister presents itself then that is completely normal. After all, she will also be an attractive girl and also get an erection with 16 anyone

but would not see that, nice day


happened Just if you are in the bra or constantly with her? Because depending on you either have a normal puberty response to the female body or an indeed unhealthy attraction for your sister (which would have to be treated).


This is so seen normal that You can not do anything and does not sound like that as if you had anything sexual with her. You're just excited by the sight and that's nothing badIt or unusual.


No is completely normal. Especially in your age. You are ashamed or so you do not need.


It is better to see your sister not half-naked (your eyes away), explain that you will be more beautiful with a sweater

Get stand because of my sister?