How do you find these headphones?

2021-09-01 23:04:04 VIOLA


How do you find the and knows if that are good? Cost 200. Before I had so 60 euros parts you think I will remember a big difference?



I definitely recommend to the next specialist market (Media Markt, Saturn, or what you want to have on-site and want to listen to it extensively. Take time, do not let yourself push, listen one by one (Tip: Take an auxial cable with you, there are usually hundreds of bluetooth devices and you will find difficulties to find them)

Then you can compare and Buy the best you can find from the sound. That's what strongly individual, everyone feels the subjective differently and it also has to do which genres you prefer.

A techno listener needs quite different properties as bluesmusic, which again completely different than classical Handset.

Especially with so high prizesen should not you let yourself be ragged and definitely proved a lot and extensive problem.

Alternatively, you can of course also 5 to 10 different order, also from different brands (Marshall, Sony, Sennheiser, Bayer, Bose, .. .) And give you your price-performance favorites and send the rest back.

Have fun!


The Sonys are ordinary devices, on the model predominantly on plastic is used, a high-quality audio codec (if mobile phone supported) is offered as well as a deep-duty sound with a lot of functions offered such as ambient-through or also anc.

Whether this make sense is in the eye of the Consistant and what the explicit focus is set.


My tip: Do not go to high prices. I've been broken myself and my money was put in the sand.

How do you find these headphones?