Is the following fair?

2021-09-02 01:02:26 LUCAS

Hey all together,

I have a question about Judo (times again)

However, more about dealing with one.

But from the beginning.


We have monday and Friday belt test training.

And on Wednesdays we have performance grouping.

And the coach of our performance group motets me this week with an exercise, which I do for the first time in my life, well, how long are you now in judo ??? 6 years? 7 years? And you can not even get a right case school forward! "

(Who says what the exercise was to throw an Ippon Seio nage (or how to write that), and without break and without releasing the partner, directly over the partner Ne Fallschule to make forward.)

DABEgg is in "Judo Law":

"recognizing the best performance of others". (= If you realize that the other has been / your best has been, and still did not work sooooo well, recognize the performance!)

And he has always honored me in training too much Rese, etc. I've talked to my partner just about how the litter goes, and that has certainly heard!

Besides, his children train with.

I call the now x and y.

When our coach and new exercises shows, this sounds like this:

"X, do it," say all to y, with her just say that very nice! ", etc.

It does not have fun at all to train, and now wantedI'll ask if what our trainer does there is me.

Thank you.


I have also made Judo and my coach was exactly like that. At some point I told him my opinion and then it was abruptly improved. Especially older coaches is usually not aware that you feel bad then. So maybe just tell him that you unfold his behavior. Maybe it brings something.

By the way: Yes, Ippon-Seio-Nage (is correctly written) Tell me something ... It is by far the throw that I hated most.




What the Sensei makes power the Sensei - simple principle. Are you dissatisfied, you can leave the dojo.

With us (karate) is not talked about, with questions about techniquesIf it goes to the Sensei, otherwise residual restlessness is in the dojo.

That he praises his children should be clear. It's his children. Sure, not completely neutral, not very great, but you can get there safely.

That you can not find out the combi from a falling school after so many years, I find something questionable. Case School is Basic and you can quickly combine Basics.

In the karate we have a Zuki (fist kick) and you learn in the first hour. To the second Dan I have to show this Zuki in a station wagon from 5 techniques in a row. I can do this station wagon since I can have these 5 individual techniques since day 1.

Trainer says how to combine (eg. 1st blow, 2. Effer front leg, 3rd beat 4. Kick rear leg 5 . DRehung) And I'll do that. Next time he says a different station wagon and I do what he says. Is just connecting Basics.

But talk to your Sensei, but he is there.

How else should he know the WA snight?


Yes, that's it.

Is the following fair?