This is my question about Harry Potter?

2021-09-02 02:01:01 GILBERT

Hi I have this question about Harry Potter

A question about Harry Potter read the 3rd part again and had a question What is one in the past (with the time reverse) people then see the person on the map 2 times or do you only see one of the person?


This is a very good question to which in my opinion there is no answer. But I would say that you would like to see them duplicate.

However, it may be that this belongs to the point magic, which the card can not. Finally, the room of the wishes was never shown on the map :). Really very interesting question.


Once as far as I know. But I'm not sure, could be wrong too. Maybe it was never said

Yes is probably wrong, but I could imagine it, no idea why. Just such a feel


That's why you should avoid that!

It leads to difficulties when people can be seen twice. reverser

This is my question about Harry Potter?