How can you get many guys around one evening?

2021-09-02 02:01:42 DIANNA

I'm going to a celebration tomorrow and have Bock. I'm not the most attractive but how can you do that drunk guys find an attractive and then you can relax bissl rummen on.

I know stupid hahahah


Haha OK. Well, why not?

Of course that does not always work, so you have to have a little luck. But in general, of course, it helps to suit pretty, make a little makeup and then the boys out, which are without female accompaniment and get along.

Honestly, but have never done so ...: D


That sounds not only stupid but it is stupid.

Alcohol, guys and the plan "Many boys get around" sounds like a dangerous escalation.


Drunk guys / men are generally more attractive. (Women can not drink others, but they do not care). Drunken tuen generally things they do not do soberwould. Just ask.


Half Naked there, mini skirt, hot pants, push up, a lot of tinker


That's super questionable if you have no self-esteem

How can you get many guys around one evening?