Sometimes I want to go away into another time or another society?

2021-09-02 06:00:50 WINIFRED

This whole social media around Instagram, Tiktok and how they are all called is simply a symbol for these degenerated, superficial, self-conlament and interconnected humanity, which is increasingly experiencing in reality.

I feel uncomfortable in this age ... Is there anyone right?


No, I have more opportunities and rights than ever before enjoying that very much. If you see everything negative, that will not be better in a different time. And superficiality to complain is really a luxury problem.


I am all your opinion. Sometimes I just want to have nothing to do with this today's society. They are not the people who disturb me, but what has become of society as a whole. LG


Definitely Yes. So fundamentally I find Instagram as a place of inspiration, make Facebook as a tool for contacts and get to know new people, etc. really ingenious, only it is used (primarily no more) used.

Have lasts times in Swedish somewhere read that one million people take antidepressants. Only Info: in Sweden, 10 million people live. And alone such little facts already show how the western society is. We lived apart and relocate to live together. We have relocated to appreciate the little things in life. Most of them do not know what is true friendship. And we have losed to live and be happy. We only vegetate before us.

In the current society we are only workers and consumers, but no more people. By the way, this is not a capitalism-bashing. The problem is our mentality we have now.


Get meCh. Would also be regardless of it exciting to see how people lived together without this constant distraction :)


Totally understandable. I find good and healthy your view. Whether it was better before? No, just strenuously strenuous. Never change. Other times, other customs. Greetings and thanks for your legitimate question!

Sometimes I want to go away into another time or another society?