Why do so many have something against an abortion ban?

2021-09-02 07:06:42 SANTIAGO

In Texas, one should not abort now as soon as the first heartbeat of the fetus is heard. I think that's good, because basically that's murder?! If you do that. Or do I understand something wrong? What do you all mean?


No, abortion is not a murder. Murder requires a living person and the right, even the criminal law, does not see that here that this would be given preference in the conflict with life and physical integrity of the mother.

in the StGB is Until the beginning of the birth, only the speech of a 'pregnancy', which is canceled, is not killed by an actual 'child' or 'humans'. So the criminal law classification of the expectant man fails as a full person, Ergo is not a murder here, of course.

otherwise ... I think such a ban also wrong. At the moment the first heartbeat is heard, the 'life' is still so low that he, if it is in conflict miT is the life and the physical integrity of the mother, which is just very massively tangled here, the preference can be given.


If you have to see by the perspective of the respective involvement, whether you can ensure the child or ultimately comes in a home and then then to foster parents. That's so a thing, if that pleases and I think the few things do not like to get to know their biological parents. That's why you should think thoroughly, because if the child comes to the world, then it gets everything with you, but if the child is not there from the beginning, then there is not a sad soul on this planet.


"An American survey from 2011According to, 70% of the Republicans and 85% of the followers of the Tea Party Movement , which identify themselves as "Pro-Life", support the death penalty. "

Why have so many abortion opponents A problem with a ban on the death penalty, if (supposedly) goes about life?

I have the impression that it is about sympathy, you have no sympathy with a criminal (which also creates a living thing with human dignity is), but with the unborn life.

I hold for an emotional and non-philosophically consistent phenomenon.
One tries to objectify a feeling.

And if someone from Mexico in The US wants (ie already born life), this creature often encounters refusal in these conservative people.

It's not about life, but about your own feelings, that - whether sympathy or the opposite is the case - should be legislative.


Many have something against the abortion ban, because they believe that an unborn child is not a human being and it can be killed when the mother is afterwards. Personally, I find the cruel but everyone has their own opinion from which time a person is human


I am basically against prohibitions in abortion. That's the wrong way. Every case is different, and every case has the right to be discussed. There are cases where I also advocate abortion, but there are also cases where I think it's wrong. The grOily, the social indications are the social indications. No case is known to me a social indication, where I could advocate abortion. Here you should start, start. Here our company has to learn completely rethink. In particular, sexuality has to get out of the grubbing and crime status. Loving sexuality, where there is no rape, and where a child has arisen, must not be more convincing. Only then is it possible to significantly reduce cases of social indication. In addition, financial distress, in no case may be a reason to kill the child. If these two rules were consistent, could be avoided today, 50% of abortions. In the long term even 90%.

Why do so many have something against an abortion ban?