New school, should I appeal to you? Is that normal?

2021-09-02 09:01:31 IDA

Today was back in a school after a year, the first two hours a math test to test the performance, and directly afterwards 2h teaching with the class, but another girl was new.
or the class has been known since Monday.

Now I was sitting there, and they both had to imagine and then the teacher stopped at the front a bit talked, etc.) When the teacher was getting away for copying nobody talked or something .. or there were also those who did not really have so really friends so far from 20 people safe 10-15 are still new stop (I do not ..)

And then everyone has gone earlier earlier And was still alone in the class with the girl and the teacher because the teacher wanted to explain something else.

I've been a bitIss and so had, now I ask myself, is it normal that you do not initially have direct friends, etc?

Have also considered this a girl to talk about that too. (As far as I know she has friends at school here)

Maybe someone has a counseling, make me think like I get so angry, and sometimes what you think of me is not so nice who you In the pausen hall or so alone, until the lessons have to go on.

Maybe someone can give me a tip, would like to appeal to the girl, but then always think to me .. What should I say? "Jo how are" how do you think the school so far? Where are you from? Idk I do not want to be on cramp, but you mean I will be there at school after pair TFind agents friends?

And I'm unecovered if I should appeal to the girl, would like to chill with her in the break and so. Also find them pretty but I'm actually just about having someone in the school with the one you can chill in the break, a little talk and both so then yo I have someone I'm not alone .. Can you understand believe .

In the class are all between 15-18 years old


Tomorrow we also have 6 hours of school, because I think, Puh Irwie is not so nice who you can then vllt alone .. (also who I'm not the only one)


With us, that's just how they have remained smoking in the classroom and then they have stopped (only a few only 5)


I am Alone Haha I also have been re-enrolled, since Monday & would like to have someone to the talk in the breaks

New school, should I appeal to you? Is that normal?