I do not support positions of the parties to elect, just not dial?

2021-09-02 10:02:31 MEGAN

CDU: Corruption

SPD: No cannabis sharing + More immigration

Green: Motorists Dawls + heating costs increase even more + more immigration

FDP: Anti-warehouse State

AFD: Verichied over Afghan town forces

Left: More immigration, Anti Nato, per Russia Although they behave as imperipately and themselves support the milthearjunta in Burma


Choose one of the smaller parties. Well recommended here, for example, would be the basis, which is generally more much more direct democracy.

Greeting Nicofffan


There are 2 options

1. ) If you choose a small party that you will find well, though does not come to the Bundestag but by the party financing, you will help you to come in next time next time

2.) Go to a blank note.

Do not choose, that means no interest in democracy, what I suspect is not the case with you. You are not satisfied with the selection.


There are much more than these 6 parties to choose from. Inform yourself! Since you will definitely find onewhich meets your ideas.


It will almost never give a party that implements the will of a single person 100%. You have to compromise. Do not wait for the perfect party, but choose a party that you find good enough.


Choose small parties. And if nothing is there, just the party, because she is very good.

I do not support positions of the parties to elect, just not dial?