With 13 years a 34 year data? And sex?

2021-09-02 13:03:11 CHARLES

Bin 13 And I'm full of Bock on sex and standing on a belief so 34 year old in our hotel (I'm grade Greece with family) but what should I do that's legal

Can I sex? may

No does not go CHOOSE 95%

Yes Choose 5%


OK only dream

I too young


It would be punishable.

And please. .. the verb for sex is not "sex", you say "have sex / sexual intercourse," "sleeping with someone", "birds", etc.


I would give you it advise against, it may sound tempting but you are young! Cost time in which you are still free and do not think about something like that. You since an age in which you should not think about sex. Let's time :)


Once the illegal and 2. is the ne beautiful idea of ​​you, but that is pure fantasy and will not become reality in any universe. That's just your highly puberty brain what you are about to shape stories;)


The legal situation in Greece is unclear, but in Germany this would not be permitted by law and is subject to an offense for adults.


I think she would smile or laugh at you: -)

With 13 years a 34 year data? And sex?