Duration cool?

2021-09-02 14:06:29 MARLENE

I'm female and 17 years old ..

Lately I'm so often so Horny..I also have funny guards and the like to go ... I also stand on when you give me How to muffled.

Do you have tips as I can make my single-sex life more exciting

or has someone tips what I can do for my masturbation so that it feels at least as if someone dominates me ...


Just do it as often as you like. And even if this is 10 times a day ... does not matter.

Of course there are several methods to do it yourself. If you are more on clitoral satisfaction, you can do it with an electric toothbrush or you make pillow or ceiling riding. Of course, with your fingers or with a sextoy, it's always. For vaginal satisfaction, you can actually take everything that is not dirty and what can not hurt you. It is best of course the fingers or a dildo. If you take something else then look that a condom is over it.

To get the feeling to get dominated to me now spontaneously only one sexchat or phone sex. Can both be very cool but LEider is only about yourself in most types. But if you have found the right thing it can really be really cool. I hope I could help you. If you have any questions then please contact you.


You could write with someone's masturbation that gives you instructions and keep your imagination on. Otherwise you have to leave your own imagination, stories, porn, etc.


If you are looking for a cathedral, but not for online commands, but best in real life, that's really, only then you are really a sub and can fully live it. Is certainly hard, but also fulfilling.


Lie you so on a sofa tendon and fray you ... as if you were draUF ride ... St egg horny feeling ...


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Duration cool?