Why did the smallpox vaccine eradicated the disease and there are always breakth

2021-09-02 19:04:10 VIOLET


I have an understanding issue. One thing in advance: I do not get so deep in matter, so please no insults!

But: how can it be that the pockenzufung the disease was completely eradicated and in COVID-19 even with completely vaccinated More about vaccination breaks comes?

As far as I know, not everyone was vaccinated against the smallpox at that time. For example, my father is not.

And at that time, medical care and research was significantly worse than today. Nevertheless, it has managed to eradicate the disease. How was that possible?


Poxecregers are stubborn and do not want to change. The smallpox vaccines were very effective and therefore successful.

Coronaviruses are very change, and the current vaccines are insufficient enough effective in motivating the viruses to further changes.

Another point is that even the structures of most societies are very pandemy reading and that it is important to maintain everything almost everywhere, which favors the formation and preservation of a pandemism.


At that time there was a vaccination obligation for every citizen.

As soon as there is no new infections, the disease will eventually be eradicated. That it often comes to mutations that may be NICHT is covered by a vaccine, unfortunately is normal. The smallpox were not defeated in a year.

Therefore, there is always refresh vaccinations for other diseases.

Why the outcry is so high at corona vaccination is questionable.


But that took decades. That was not just like that. I can remember very well that scars removed from the emission. From the bushing, after 10 (?) Years, no scars remained. So there was also a development.


That took several decades in the smallpox


between the first vaccination And the last case also had 171 years.

Why did the smallpox vaccine eradicated the disease and there are always breakthroughs in the Covid vaccine?