My best friend wants sex with me?

2021-09-02 19:05:32 TIFFANY

I'm 27 am married and my best friend wants sex with me and she knows that I am married and she then said that my wife can join in what should I do


Since your wife probably does not agree with a threesome, tell her that she can forget it. Or you ask your wife, what she holds of it, maybe she would agree, but I consider it unlikely. More likely is that there would be dispute then.


: D Now you either hope and bets your wife is there and telling your wife: D or your best friend say that you do not want that and if you continue the topic Tracks you must interrupt the contact: D

The absolutely right thing would be to tell your wife but can keep that you do not want to contact you.

Of course you can, of course, you can leave on it and hope itNever get out but I would probably be rather.


It irritates you, the offer and you want to implement it, but at the same time you are also afraid of what it can trigger.

What you should do, what is "right" you decide for you alone. You have to think about it in peace. Male what could happen, the worst case, paint you out, what it could / you could bring or what is breaking ... and then handle.


Say her that you have no interest and you can forget that.

If you are interested, you have to worry about what's more important to you, your marriage or sex with your best friend. At least if she does not lead any open relationship. Can of courseAlso, at your wife, if you want the threesome, but probably can best estimate whether they would be interested in something like that. Although I know from a threesome with someone you both knows more and more frequently, especially at the first threesome, would advise against.

is of course important first of all what you want before you can really give tips here.

I would definitely advise you to dismiss you and clear that that will not happen. But ultimately it depends on what you want.


You kindly rejected.

Or Third to inspire.

My best friend wants sex with me?