Is it true of the speaking?

2021-09-02 20:03:06 LUCILLE

"Hard shell soft core"

Yes Choose 63%

No Choose 37%


Clear Everyone has to protect and defend themselves from the outside world and pretty much every nice person is great from outside. But a mean person does that too. This is one of these quotes that happen to vote.


This is not a quote, but a phrase. Can be right, but does not have to. You can only evaluate in individual cases. Very often, it is more of a soft biscuit.


This quote is always used exactly if you encounter a human being, which is considered rather inaccessible and rugged, but then much empathy and loving donation shows when he won the confidence in the person concerned.

Basically, there is no great life-wisdom formUlted, because every other constellation is just as conceivable, and you can also find them as often as they are. There are therefore also many people who are hard and inaccessible and are still misunderstood, empathiearm and and with unpleasantly negative sayings.

So there is nothing else than every new person who, the In my life occurs, look at and to wait patiently, to what extent he or she represents me, whether we can get into common interests and common preferences or even on the emotional level in a certain response.


From experience I would say yes .. but not always true. You can not plan it.


To the outside you often doSo, as if nothing were. In addition, you are actually so vulnerable.

Is it true of the speaking?