What do you think about FFF?

2021-09-02 23:01:55 ERIC

Fridays for Future Demos

Good, Important Thing Choose 53%

Stupidity Choose 47%


Finally, part of the boys is up to engage constructive for their future. Incidentally, I do not see that with the loss of school failure - the Fff'ler belongs anyway to the clever students. Most of those who always ask the "tails" are not really much further in life with their frei-day secondary school visit .....


Good intention, but unfortunately too Tame. A wolf without teeth. Extinction Rebellion I find better e.g.

PS: good that you have turned out to the fff again, otherwise I would have misunderstood that. (


definitely a good cause in my opinion.


Whether it must be every Friday, WüI am in question.
But basically I find a rebellion against the extensive real deitylessness of the politically responsible and the lack of citizens' missing commitment (whose most important guideline is often only one's current financial benefit) for welcome and support.


I do not see that it is worth noting when a few people pay attention to the climate in Europe, but makes it just.

What do you think about FFF?