Do you like your voice?

2021-09-03 00:02:56 ROGER

Not that you hear in you special e.g. recorded

No Choose 59%

Yes Choose 41%


How to take it.

Lovely does not sound.

But like that, as canceled with their face, I could prevent escalations in my voice (and my appearance) in conflict situations (on motorcycle meetings, Z.B).

As a student, I had offers for my sonorous voice to play the Nicholas as a Christmas job.


At least I accept them .. ^^

Have a relatively deep voice, but if I'm pissed and with someone discussing it will somehow high .. the find I do not great: D

Gruzz Volgi


rather not, but have the experience that they feel comfortable. It's something too. ; O)


I like my voice, even if I find her better, as I hear her, and does not sound like she really sounds.



I do not like only to my singing voice. But I'm not alone. However, that sounds like a stranger for me.

Do you like your voice?