How can I present an election program?

2021-09-03 00:03:37 FREDERICK

I have to introduce a party in PGW, namely the SPD, against my will. And working with two girls, against my will.

I thought so that I could build it this way:

  1. Someone briefly presents the topics that treat the party. (Introduction)
  2. Someone presents their goals in detail (main part)
  3. Someone summarizes everything together, finds criticism and finds a few nice keywords.

What can be You still add?


The history of the party, the election results in the federal elections since 1949 (perhaps as a graph or diagram), former SPD chancellor, current SPD politicians, the current Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz, as the topics have changed (is the SPD today still a "worker party"?) ... the time you will definitely be filled! :)



You could still talk about the history of the party, for example when it was founded and so.


should not you work as a group?

How can I present an election program?