Corna - really dangerous or unnecessary panicmaking?

2021-09-03 00:04:42 STEPHEN

Hi guys,

So slowly it will be a bite ridiculous what goes off in Germanlans, right?

How can one be so fanatic against something, which is not so dangerous?

Despite Lockdowns, Restruits / Restrictions and hygiene requirements, the numbers were very high and yet the hospitals were not overloaded in the approach - no, even 20 clinics were closed. .html

According to Israeli studies confirmed by Oxford University, Genese even besses gourmet than vaccinated. Li.178491.AMP

So? What's all this about?

Life abroad (Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, etc.) goes normally.

without masks, without 3G rule, without chicane and panicmaking.

Is the policy-compliant population?

Your opinion is in demand.


Finally, you probably expect only one confirmation for your thesis, but I stay outside. I've been vaccinating twice and continue to wear the mask.

After you obviously want to participate in Covid19 disease, I do not consider you. However, you should also take into account that here may be a serious course here ... a few weeks in the intensive care unit are not quite as prickling, but clear, it's your will ...


Exactly the measures were there that the hospitals are not overloaded. Has worked out.


92,000 people died, speak with their children, parentn, grandchildren, spouses please.

Corna - really dangerous or unnecessary panicmaking?