Is there heterophobia?

2021-09-03 00:06:09 THOMAS

So a setting of sexually non-binarian persons, heterosexual people to hate in principle?


There is the term that he does not necessarily mean what you mean. See the 2 different items. (aversion_Geemen_heterosexual)

The description in the 2nd article goes in a different direction and more relies on the word heterosexuel than on the meaning origin of the word Hetero (uneven)


of course.

how widespread it is under non-heteronormative people, however, is another question.

But the more "we against the" and "against us" the respective world view of the groupings, the more likely be a heterophobe attitude.

Especially if the guise of the: "Minorities can not discriminate against the majority" that can not lead that can not make the executing that you can do something wrong, the whole thing is quite probable.


As long as there is homophobia, I do not really see a plausible reason why it should not give heterophobia.

I suspect that the proportion of heterophobic under the homosexuals is probably much lower is likely to be the proportion of homophobic among the heterosexuals. Nobody also has a centuries the homosexual furniture that they have to hate the heterosexuals.


That's what there is, but with the term "phobia" is ReverskRichlich created a huge jarwarr.

Homophobia in the literal sense is the fear of homosexual contacts, but is fully sensitively used as hatred against gays.

is as with the turtle, which no toad, not even a lurch is, the grape, which is actually a panicle, the strawberry, the walnut etc.

also a heterophobia would generally be a hatred of the hatred of the other ability (hetero = different, different), but then but also the Colloquial homophobia, transphobia etc belongs, if one is heterosexual itself. In scientific senses, heterophobia is fear (!) Before dealing with persons of the other sex. As I said, everything is warred.

That what you mean, is just a form ofIntolerance. Kate Jupp, is even at Wikipedia:

Is there heterophobia?