Your favorite weather?

2021-09-03 01:03:49 ROBERTO

Sunny with clear sky Choose 33%

Rain and heavy rain choose 21%

Thunderstorms, thunderstorms, snowstorm Choose 17%

Other choose 13%

Cloudy Choose 8%

Snow Choose 8%

Hail Choose 0%


But I also find comfortable when I am inside and thunderstorms correctly :)

LG Swiftgirl


Is there What I do. In winter, sun and clear skies are beautiful, in summer it is then cloudy with weekly rain.

I sit inside, the relatively latte is me. I'm outside I prefer not rain


I love but also really sun ☀️, but sometimes a violent thunderstorm (without lightning and thunder) with a clear sky can already be Nice.



Come on, sometimes I like, if it is sunny with a clear sky. ☀️

Cloudy weather and windy weather I like quite well. ⛅