How do you find my bodytype?

2021-09-03 04:03:46 MEREDITH

Good day, I am a girl 20 years old. I'm 165cm tall and weigh 102 kg.I would definitely ask quite as you find that? Apart from health (I know that it is not so healthy and I just do not want to lose weight.) I just want to know what you think so :)


You can not really say something because you do not know how the fat is distributed with you, as you even look at how beneficial or unfavorable you dress ... all that makes you Look a lot.

In general, this is all a matter of taste anyway. It does not bother me if someone is overweight, as long as he / she nourishes and does not squeeze in so tight clothes that he / she looks like a press sausage. Who does that, but that is an insult to the eyes of others.

What your health is concerned is a completely different topic. Since I would urge you to lose weight. But if you absolutely want to live with the realistic episodes that come to you, if you do not destroy, thereNn is your thing. I do not have to live with it.


"Apart from health"

But that's exactly what is the main problem.

If it is purely in the Outdoors, however, is also unattractive in my opinion.


I think I would lose weight and start making sport because my health is at the heart


There are types that have a fetish on your BMI, as it types are those on latex. As a rule, you are unattractive with obesity


How do you find my bodytype?
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    say 40% "I find great"
  • 50% say "Do I Find Shit"
  • 10% say "me Anyway "
What brings you that? It is important to how

You find your bodytype and not a group of non-representative answers.


How do you find my bodytype?