Is this morally reprehensible?

2021-09-03 07:01:15 LUZ

Is not about me, but sometimes pure hypothetical:

Is it morally reprehensible, a woman only with the clear intention to have data to have one day with her sex and nothing else with her Doing?

Does it also go to collect sexual experiences at all and to practice the data. Is it bad, if you try this first on mediocre women?


If you clearly say that. Then it's ok.

Only you will have no interest from 1000 women you do not have any interest in and cancel the contact.

Do you first play with your feelings and then back with yours Truth, out, then it is morally reprehensible.


Yes, it's morally reprehensible! You do not necessarily have to complete an exercise complex. If you find the great love, you work together in the chapter love, which can be unique and must be identical to no sex documentary. But if you need "practice hours", please go to "professionals", because then you do not make any honest woman false hopes.


If you know that you are not only on sex.

If you prove her something and then hurt your feelings. Well ... you can think of yourself. You probably do not want.


There is nothing to complain about this, as long as you can not believe it in a false faith. You do not have to say that you only have it on sex, but you can say that you can not choose a solid partnership, but still feel attracted to her.


For me yes because you play with feelings and that is reprehensible.

Is this morally reprehensible?