Less cars get on the streets?

2021-09-03 11:01:07 MARVIN

If the state should not rely on the roads to have fewer cars.
Climate change alone.
The streets are partially crowded, all parking spaces, highways very full at all times.
In each Car is only the driver.
I also belong to when I do not have home office


Yes but that's not so easy, nowadays almost everyone has a car. I do not want to drive with public transport.

What I would make sense if you would reduce the trucks, you could also transport a lot by train. If you drive on the highway then there are mass trucks to see.


Yes. Train? Problem is known. Truck containers should be on the rail. There moves with electricity. Highway = less traffic jam.

Bahn must be expanded. New rails and new trains, electric shapes. Today there are still works with cable trains = often does not work in winter ...

with internet and current line = the same. But there are people who have fear of 5g and against demonstriaRen ...

Find the problem. These are the old people who progress out ...

Less cars get on the streets?