Can one tell me how much so n immunity test costs so?

2021-09-03 16:05:32 PETE

So helloooo I need my vaccination pass for a certain op and I did not have it anymore because my parents have separated when I was still a baby and my producer does not find it anymore and my mum does not know where I am exactly my vaccinations made because we were not able to contact for 3 years So my producer said to us where I got my vaccinations exactly and where I have made vaccinations, the whole papers have burned out because it was fired at that time so we were throughout Bucharest Her sent then after 4 pediatricians we got 3 vaccinations there is no other chance More except so immune tested the doctor but then we would need many tests knows how expensive something is and where to do that? I swear Google SAjust nothing there comes out with Corona test


Can I tell me how much so n immunity test costs?

If the test is medically necessary, pay the health insurance or insurance.



Which antibody tests do you need exactly? There is no general "immunostest", so you will not find any answers on the internet.

You have to have been told about which diseases it works?

Can one tell me how much so n immunity test costs so?