Can you visually distinguish Kurds, Arabs, Turks, Persians (Iranians)?

2021-09-03 19:03:06 PHILIP


I do not even know why it should be an advantage. I've never tried. Not at other similar ethnicity.

Talk to the people and stay open, is usually the best way to get to know someone closer. Instead of judging only after the appearance.


Not always. Kurds can often be Arabic (from Syria or Iraq), or Persian (Iran) or Turkish (Turkey). You have to address the first.

Persians / Iranians, Arabs and Turks look very similar, because on the one hand the same religion, similar cultures, albeit some differences, same values ​​etc. That influenced everything since the day's Days , and continue to the children. That's why it isCheplifier in an Arab country to apply a tattoo.

That's my opinion


No, can not I. But I have never tried. However, I can not distinguish Northern Europeans according to nations. Southern Europeans not.


Can you distinguish French, Spaniards, British and Germans purely from the look? Probably not. And if, then, you probably share them very stereotyping and who knows if this subdivision is in the end?!

No . In the appearance, these people can be distinguished as little as you can in other regions of the world, and I would not try it first.


No, not even Europeans.

I'm extremely bad in that, but luckily you have to be that yes

Can you visually distinguish Kurds, Arabs, Turks, Persians (Iranians)?