Can you cry without tears?

2021-09-03 20:00:48 DOMINIC

Yesterday night I was very sad and actually I would cry very normal with such a grief. But somehow only my eyes were damp, tears were not flowed. It has felt like crying (also had the typical lump in the throat), but flat without tears.

Did I cried or was I just close?


The feeling of sadness has nothing to do if one cries or not.

If no tears come, then one is just sad as if one Crib. There are both.

Your eyes are always wet - otherwise you could not move them.


Since no measuring instruments exist, the lens can measure how sad you In fact, you can only say that for you only relative to other moments in which you were sad.


No, crying contains tears - regardless of mourning or otherwise something triggered ,


You were close to it. I can cry with an eye. So if I have something in mind but dirtIG.

Can you cry without tears?