Why is sunny weather always referred to as beautiful though most people prefer t

2021-09-03 21:02:18 LEE


Because of this survey, my adoption is


As a beautiful, the best is not always the best.

If it is sunny, the colors ray a lot of bright, the flowers come out, the sky is blue and just beautiful. While it looks gray, colorless and sad.

The sunny weather looks nice, so no one can contradict, in which weather one feels more comfortable but something else.

For example, a model is usually also beautiful, yet the character can be horrible, which is why a not so beautiful person may be rather.


Do you do that? I do not think most people prefer to rain. At most from time to time the farmers, Dotherwise could not reap. But also those who need sun.


Look at sunny weather in Park and then in rainy weather.

I'm pretty sure, in the rain is the park empty.


The survey is not too prestigious. (For GF, that always depends very much on the daytime, who is just before the computer and the surveys click on.)

Actually, the sunbathers are in the majority. Therefore, in the mass media, a veritable summer fetishism is celebrated and designated only dry, durable and hot / hot weather as "beautiful".
Some of them even assumes that this would be the only and "real" opinion on the weather.

There you get as a friend of coolM and rainy weather occasionally rejected or displayed as "sick". The majority feels superior, that's the same with so banal topics like the weather.

But autumn-loving rainfreunde there are also there, and we are not so as a few.