I always walk an hour for a walk - does that?

2021-09-04 01:07:50 JO

Next to my sport, I now go for a walk for a walk to come to 10000 steps, that's what your health is what?


This brings heart and cycle slightly and stimulates the intestine. From around, you get constipation, movement keeps the intestine active.

Through the oxygen, the skin is well blood blooded.

For losing weight, it is only enough if you are in combination with nutrition in the calorie deficit landing.


Movement is always better than easy to sit around somewhere. And from 15 minutes of movement a day, the pose already has an impact on the cardiovascular system. Before the aspect, yes it brings something. To losing weight you need a calorie deficit, whether with or without movement. Claudia clearly that makes you fitter you get muscles in the legs You burn exactly the same lot of calories like jogging, of course, only with the same route Dianna slow walking around does not bring too much. Better than on the sofa, but not doll. Rick In any case, brings something to health. 8000 steps are enough. At 10000, the health-promoting measure barely increases, so it is not as crucial anymore. If you are looking for the bonus program of your KK, you can earn money. I earned 114 € dividend last year, I can use, for example, for prophylaxis. Or could be paid to me 57 €.

I always walk an hour for a walk - does that?