Always do people in / can not I be myself?

2021-09-04 06:10:08 GREGG

I find myself very funny, I would be "I myself" I would just sit rest and talk to anyone, but I want to be like everyone else and "be silent" I would not trust myself because everyone else is annoyed and sour

So I go to my comfort zone by imitation by other people and try to adapt myself, so I do not work funny and at least like people like people. I have very few friends and now have the feeling, I'm very uninteresting and they were only friends with me, because I'm trying to be funny and unnecessary sarcasm to use that ultimately sounds only stupid.

I Attempts to talk in the same sound as my friends, which ultimately really sounds like thatDE I imitate them, but because I got used to doing that, I'll not get out of it at all and I do not feel well at all, but still do it as "protection".

What Can I do about it?


You yourself and out of this real feeling then build your life.

That's not easy, that will be a task for the next 1-15 year, but that's the only way you will be happy in the long term or even at short notice.

Imagine someone gives out of mysterious reasons to be gay. If he made that long enough, maybe he will already have a guy as a relationship partner and behave like that.

If he should just be himself, of course, it will change his life. However, only because its external effect is changed now.

It does not have to be that you lose your friends. However, it will change something. If you are so nI can accept, then that just does not work with those - as well as the gay just a pretty girl as a girlfriend should have.


Try a personality and self-confidence.


suicide or a large beer and a few lesbian shoes.

~ DR Peter Griffin ~


You are always you yourself.

With pretty high probability you have a personality disorder.

What can I do about it?

Trust a psychologist.

Always do people in / can not I be myself?