How do you call that (sexuality)?

2021-09-04 07:01:33 FAITH

In advance: I do not want to attack anyone with the question or so. If it is misunderstood in any way with suffering.

To my above question: Is there a name when you want data as a CIS woman or non-binary person and only CIS women, do not speak transducers? Or is this called still gay?

Do not understand me wrong. Transfraues are women. And the question should not be transhiped or so over. I would only interest me how to call it.


Define some Gynephilia / Gynophilia accordingly: restrictive to the female body.

This definition is seen by some as a transhob:

The Attraction to "Female Anatomy" Regardless of Whether That Person Identifies AS Female, However This Definition is Sometimes Considered Transphobic, AS IT Reduces People to Their Genital.


Nevertheless calls lesbian :)


I do not want to get the terminations every time the terminations, but have already learned that a vagina is not always feminine, and a penis is not always male

, however:

Possibly. Could this sexuality than "Straight CISWoman "designation

or" traditionally lesbian "



" A woman with vagina, which a woman with vagina desires, the On the one hand, a woman with vagina desires. Additional: Both vaginines are present "


Idk is called Nix's lesbian or? (CIS = normal or?)


Non binary Persons are also trans ....

How do you call that (sexuality)?