Wahlomat Result, did I choose the wrong party?

2021-09-04 09:04:46 MICHELLE

When election tomato for the federal election 2021, a result jumped out for me which I did not expect at all. Apparently I wanted to choose a party before that hardly represents me. As it looks like I should rethink my previous election decision.
The result is pretty clear, in place 1 I have 86.8% agreement with the party of the third way. After that, first time comes. Nearly 10% deeper comes with the party the base place 2. Even for the NPD I'm apparently to the right, this is followed by 73.3% only in place 3. Apparently I have a completely wrong picture about rights, right-wing radicals and right-wing extremists ,

I immediately wanted to choose the wrong party before?
Can it be that I have a completely wrong pictureRights, rights radicals and right-wing extremists own?


Each political direction in a certain way has its permission.

The right parties represent a "Germany First", which is quite good. Only I do not see a party that asks this, which simultaneously protects the rights of all people in this country in sufficient ways as I would expect.

Therefore, these parties have something for themselves, the voice should not be given to them, but avoid the parties that are closer to the center of society, but go in this direction.

That That's the way I would say about the left. She has its authorization, but it exceeds the same limits.


The election tomat helps with the decision. If you give the faithIt can probably get the third way the absolute majority. So it makes at least the impression on GF.


I'm afraid that you scratch hard on the border to the right-wing extremist and you should think about what a human and society picture you have.

I'm afraid There was a lot going wrong.


For me, the AfD came first though that would not necessarily be my first choice. Maybe the choice-o-mat the results ...?


I took a lot of time for the election O-Mat today.

Mine Results were significantly different than I have no weights at the 2nd run.

Wahlomat Result, did I choose the wrong party?