Dream Housewife ♡ - * - * -?

2021-09-04 17:00:47 ROBERTO

My dream is to be housewife from the "job" What do you think - ^ - ^ -?

I know that it is not so "accepted" in our society today or as a "profession" will.

Of course, I realize that the husband then I.wo also deserve very good money to be able to worry about wife and children. It is not because I'm lazy, I could also make a part-time job even full time work. I just like just the old-fashioned kind of marriage and me it is important when I have children for you always to be like my husband. Now many will say that can be done in spite of profession, but not exactly as if one has "none". For me, full-time mum is also a kind of "profession". If you have e.g.: 3 children - 1 baby and 2 small children. Mon the morning early in the morning because you prepare breakfast for everyone and set boxes, then children and man are awakened, the children are attracted by the children as they are like they are, afterwards you will be put in the kindergarten / school (if the husband is not just has the same way or not before) and then it is already cleaned up, steaving suction, the floor - the shelves etc wiped, laundry is sorted-washed - afterwards or in the dryer (depending on the weather), if you enter Baby still has to pay attention to the needs of course, at noon, children will be picked up again, it is cooked, eaten, rinsed again- then there is still homework, Villt in the afternoon activities and basically is a mum - for me too -Educator, teacher, I.Wo also someone told his worries, etc. and much more .. The man also comes home i.wann and would like to do some things. I think so long woman is at home, she can quietly do everything, the man finally works all the time he does not have to help with (except to take care of the children and to meet the role as a father and to meet me) but otherwise He does not make much of the household. I mean everyone is different, but I would also make the whole household etc alone at his free days - loving guts - * - * - ♡ - ^ - ^ -

Nevertheless, one should be done as a woman's training etc I find as a kind of hedge because you never know if the man ills, dies or separates.


Why not, as the sole housewife, you take more than the professional image of the housekeeper and this is already a recognized vocational image with three years of education;

Housekeepers take over the housekeeping and care of people In private households, in social facilities such as old-age homes, hospitals, conference facilities, domestic service companies, for private services companies as well as in households of agricultural establishments. They work there in the kitchen, in the service area, in the house cleaning or in the laundry. They exercise their activity according to the needs of the persons to be cared and design everyday life. Pay attention to cost-effectiveness, security, quArea, hygiene, healthy and environmental protection. You create e.g. Plans for food preparation and the purchase of food. They prepare the meals according to nutritional aspects. When taking care of persons, they go to the different life situations. The guidance of children as well as the support of older people in everyday activities are essential activities here. Creativity unfolds the housekeeper in the design of the living area. In agricultural companies, housekeepers additionally take over the horticulture and garden maintenance, processing and sale of agricultural products.


I did not read your text - but as a housewife is Du completely dependent on your spouse. If that is gone, your maintenance is gone. If you do not find a new one who finances you, then you have to pay (after a certain time) yourself for you and find only jobs that are stressful and paid badly. And no one pays in your pension. So you also depend as a pensioner completely dependent on the income of your spouse - which is a pension leader than the previous income. And there is wondering if that's enough for both, where it is often talking about the financing gap in connection with pension and that each privately should provide additional provision.


is beautiful If you see that!

Everyone has his life model after which he may become happy :)

I also find the classic role distribution well!

I wish you a man who sees that too :)


Incels and Pashas would love your attitude if you are additionally pretty and rancing him ,


clear if everything is a nice thing.

Dream Housewife ♡ - * - * -?