Gender awareness annoys?

2021-09-04 19:00:37 MILDRED

How do you find the gender awareness, everything nonsense. The company is completely crazy, or gives more important things in life?


There is a very loud minority of people who believe you can change something.

The problem to be solved is sexism. Women earn less in the same jobs, are victims of harassment and rape, do not get good jobs and will be fooled without any reason, for example as a bad car driver. Add to that the burdens in the family.

These problems are real, they must be solved.

But the genders there is something that I can not imagine that I do not even think so That one produces so much defense that it is harmed to the thing.

I think you can talk about it meaningful or see that the loud minority is there in an endless reinforcing self-placeNgs loop is and anyone criticizing there immediately as a caveman. This is exactly as interested in the discourse, not interested in the discourse.

Let the easy in your bubble, you do not want out. Those have already scientized pseudo sciences genderstudy, who, Oh wonders, confirm that the gender is totally meaningful.


Yes, as explained here, you are not with the opinion alone. Since you can see where the priorities are in our society, because the topic is also constantly present in the media.

Of course, the end of the flagpole is not yet achieved in this topic, there is still a lot before us .:

Traffic signs = cyclists descend; Pedestrians / intervals; .....

Occupations = female doctor; Lawyers and Notarying Hilfin ....

etc. ....

There is much of what is still to be changed, another, unexpected cost factor, which will provide a lot of joy ....


You are far from the only one That thinks. The majority of the population thinks so and hides it only behind a mask of tolerance. And who advocate it is usually the ones that are loudest and of whom you know the most. This gives the impression that this is the general opinion in the population.


I'm also on the nerves, but "gives more important things in life" is not a good argument for me. In itself, one can talk about unimportant things, Abet diESE Team Jier a way too much. You prefer to deal with something contament of real problems.

But worse, I find even actual favors of women, for example through quotas or other regulations (as with DRN green party integrity).


Yes, that does not understand either. But leave life and lives. The company is so full that you have no real problems or just ignore and "expand".

Gender awareness annoys?