Delete Bing?

2021-09-04 20:02:10 MAGGIE

Bing annoyed.

Everything I found to read, does not bring the success you want.

Bing still terrorizes me.

Please, tell me how to tell me I, on Mercelongutsch, the thing can remove nested.

It was already there when I bought the PC.

After that I succeeded in removing it.

With a repair, you delayed everything you have to grasp, just not the mistake you should fix.

But now bing is sitting thick and fat and can not be distributed.

Everything I've already searched and tried.

Apparently there are many methods that bing thing about eleminators.

Only does not work there.

Bitt, saves you dumb comments.

I knew someone who could advise meI would not bother you.

So all your geniuses.

Would you advise me?

Thank you and best regards


Bing is not a program because you can delete!

I think you do not want to have it as a standard browser anymore, in the case you would have to be in the respective browsers in the Settings change the default browser, mostly you have the choice between

Google, Duckduckgo, Bing and Yahoo

If you want to remove it as a home page, you can set the respective home page eg Google

Anyway, Bing appears because the default is set. But worse or better than Google I would not call that, the search engine is the same ...


I can only betray you how to deactivate Bing in Firefox. Is that enough or do you have another browser?

Delete Bing?