Why do some people like their birthday?

2021-09-04 23:03:55 SANTIAGO

Why is that?


Hello Yolo,

This often has different reasons, and always arrives on the person. I think so about 20 is often so because you realize that you get older. Many people also do not like it, relationship whites find it uncomfortable when congratulating them for their birthday or they get gifts. Sounds absurd, but there are such people - I belong to it.

Greeting, Jamie (Abraham34123)


I have not been my birthday for a few years More (I'm now 15), because I do not like to be the focus. If it's something with your own e.g. Sporting, performance is in order but not with something like that. Besides, everyone is always nice to eggNEM, who just ignore the rest of the year or with whom you have nothing to do.


I hate my birthday mainly, because then I get attention (especially for something for what I can not do anything). Also, I hate gifts. In the worst case you do not like me and I have to do that as if you like me. In addition, there is also the pressure of the person to give something for a birthday, which is at least as great, etc. That annoys and is just stress. Furthermore, I do not see a sense behind it, that I am older.


I do not like society, I do not like to be the focus and to be the host, I do not like to become older, meDo not like phone calls, which there is always abundant to the birthday and I do not like people when people come because of me, because I do not like to be particularly likely or better said parts of myself.

I'll never feel Good on my birthday, but rather weeks ago very bad, why I wish again every year, people would just forget him.


For me it is a day like any other . Only because the human concept of one year gives me this day, that does not mean that I can not celebrate myself any other day.

Incidentally, I just forgot my birthday in the 8th grade and a friend has congratulated me and thought he wants to talk to me.

Why do some people like their birthday?