Are vaccinated trial canbars?

2021-09-05 00:04:49 ANDRES

is actually quite good that one does not take any animals. Fortunately, people have found people who voluntarily reported. Statements-for-empover_id_20918475.html


of course. Like the first customers of the railway or the steamboats. Buying that boilers exploded.

In contrast to rabbits, they pay for the tests and enable the new technology to become economical.


Yes Especially the mRNA vaccines were not checked correctly. Only found out that the nanoparticles contained does not remain in the puncture region as according to the manufacturer, but deposit themselves throughout the body, especially the ovaries and spleen. How long those who stay there do not remember, you do not know what they still have to trigger in the long run.

No vaccines dissolve as many side effects like the against Corona, so everyone for SI even weigh what he moves his advantage. However, I think that it is worthwhile for risk groups, but not in children.


No, no and again no!

The vaccines are very well tested, better than ever vaccines before.

In the billions of vaccinations that have already been administered, no one who has vaccinated now, trial canbsts.

I've been completely vaccinated since June and have been feeling completely Very much free, better and safer.

How long do you still want to wait?

And if now the fairy tale comes from the late consequences, which suddenly occur after years, that does not exist. Vaccination is not a drug that you take for many years.

when probeMe appear, which is extremely rare, then they occur promptly for vaccination and not only after months or years.



Cells have been taken in cell culture. Then animals. Then many animals again. Then a few healthy people who have voluntarily reported and got money. Then many volunteers healthy. Then a large group of volunteers. Thereafter, over 10,000 people were vaccinated, the frequent side effects that many people affect well known and one has begun because of the much higher danger the virus started to vaccinate very many people with well-tested vaccine.


One should then read out the statement again.

Scholz talks about a vaccine skeptTiker and ends the sentence with "That's why I say as one of these 50 million - it went well! Please do with"

This is the crucial point of the statement !!!!

(madness , now I actually defend Olaf Scholz ....)

Are vaccinated trial canbars?