Doctor examines my penis, stiff penis?

2021-09-05 00:05:16 COREY

Hello I'm 14 m

I have something very embarrassing happened to me, I had to go to the general artznouch. It was a female doctor. She studied my whole body. When she said I should take off my underpants I get a stiff penis. She had to look that everything is right with my foreskin and my testicles. When she saw my stiff penis she looked at me funny. She had pulled my foreskin a par 9 times and down, (she had to look that Meien foreskin is not too tight) I immediately had head cinema and then there was 2 huge lustring she looked at me irritated.

What should I do now? Is you that happened? What should I do if I have to go back to this medical party, because she is my family doctor.

Excuse meThanks for the spelling mistakes Thanks for the answers


There is normal and can occur in your age. The doctor knows that too. Do not make a head first, she has confidential obligations and secondly that's not the first time for you that she sees a penis


Yes, that's what happened to me again during the physiotherapy ,

I also lay in the underpants and the therapist massages my knee. I've suddenly got a stiff penis and the more I tried to think of something immeasuring, the stiff he became. He became so hard that he finally slipped out of the underpants and to be seen in full splendor.

The therapist grinned, but did not say anything. He also remained the rest of the appointment hard (about 10 minutes).

That was the 2nd ODHe's 3rd appointment of 12 and it never happened to me again, though it was always the same therapist.

One can not influence something like that and unfortunately he will sometimes be stiff in the inappropriate situations.


This is normal, and can happen.

The doctor has seen something more often, which does not have a head there.

So she has seen that everything works :)


I am amazed how many these story seem to buy. She acts very implausible in some places.

Your family doctor usually does not investigate you all over the body, does not ask you without further ado to take off the underpants and will certainly not be rumed on your foreskin except it would be necessarily needagile, right not unquestioned and without warning. In addition, definitely no irritated reaction would be expected.

Your sentence position is also partially suspicious.

In addition, the setting used often applies to exciting media.


A doctor should not be foreign to a doctor.
It is biologically natural.
Me happens that constantly as soon as the pants is down.
Embarrassingly, this is never why.

I think naked his class.

Doctor examines my penis, stiff penis?