Since when is it normal to write stupid?

2021-09-05 00:07:17 ORA

Good day everyone! For many years, in which I have halfway active on the internet, I put myself the stimulating question, for whatever reason you are texting so "tumb". To the explanation: At that time, at the time of my time, the triangles had almost nothing else in mind, as the further training, which is concerned with the correct, German spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc., but nowadays I get nothing more. When I come to the idea, to look at today's generation / youth more precisely and / or analyze, I wonder if no value is accuracy in texts. Although the right to develop that it is formed in schools, I do not see anything in the current writing of most young dogs. Wrong commas, Miss placedE Points, false uppercase and lowercase, etc. One of my hypotheses is whether it may be announced to write so idiotically, it may be cool or the like. I would be happy about an answer of my self. Anyone who worries the question I wish a great day.


I can not deny the impression that you are much younger than you try to specify. Really authentic, your text does not affect me, and by the way, he is not faultless, for which unnecessarily swollen is formulated.

That the youth had nothing else in my mind until a few years ago, when spelling, I dare to doubt. The decline of youth has been complained for millennia. But of course something true is that in times of voice messages, permanent access to videos and auto-correction, etc. has subsided the importance of spelling in everyday life. It's just without. Also, many conversations are led by chats who had took place before verbally, accordingly, the conversationENE everyday language MAP.


Today's "generation" just does not write so with point, comma, stroke, something.

Because just no desire.

Most of the time, WhatsApp, Snapchat or the like is used, here is quickly written the buddies or otherwise whom is paying attention on spelling because it does not matter to a fart.

But if that's what is about, be it application or something else to write very well.


It may be cool or the like

No because not, believe me, even if you always say it If you would like you can not, it will always be searched for an excuse most of the "written too fast".

Instead of reading or practicing books, they all rather spend hours hours at Tik Tik and the like. What do you want to learn big if not only negative?



That surprises me for years and you speak to me from the soul. I asked myself why some are still proud of their stupidity and find the cool. Until a colleague brought me to the right track: they are so stupid that they do not notice their own stupidity.


would not know what is so great in the schools.

You must not forget that there is much "idiology" in today's schools.

Sexology as soon as possible. Most of the knowledge like anal sex goes before they doBeing aware when the wall has fallen.

Then the hysteria comes with respect to the climate.

And then the children still have to memorize all sexes.

Oh, and do not forget the gender

Since when is it normal to write stupid?