2 glasses bad for the eyes?

2021-09-05 00:11:22 TIM


I have two different glasses but with the same strength. However, I have another glass in one glasses, which is extra thinner than that in the other. This makes you different, so that's normal because it also has a different form.

Now to my question, if I change the eyewear so today the one and tomorrow the other, then the eye must always get used to the new view. In the beginning it is more exhausting to look, then quite normal. Is that bad for the eye and can be unhealthy?

Thank you in advance for answers :).


Hello I also wear glasses and it is relatively no matter if you wear 2 different eyewear unless there is a difference of several diopters I speak from my own experience


I do not think it can be harmful to the eyes when the strength is the same. When changing glasses on contact lenses, the difference in higher strength is even considerable, but I do not know that it damages the eyes. The view is perhaps first and unfamiliar, but otherwise?

It is also important to feel comfortable with the glasses! If you prefer at home the more comfortable and more stable glasses with a little thicker glasses, but perhaps more likely the better-see with extra thin glasses, oThis would like to vary with the glasses the appearance, that makes sense, if one of the difference itself does not bother too much.


Glasses have no effect on the development of your virginal virtue. So what should be unhealthy to wear two different glasses alternately?

2 glasses bad for the eyes?