Let's all live in a modern slave system / hamster wheel?

2021-09-05 03:02:29 JORDAN

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The weekly working time is constantly decreasing.

It is not so long ago that Saturday was a normal working day.


Here you can see the development of the week working time of 82 hours (1825) over 60 hours (in 1900) has developed today:

https: // de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wochen work time#Historische_Develop_Deutschland

You want to survive, so you need to eat - that you have to grow yourself (school to learn this) or buy (School, education, work to earn money). At leisure (128 hours or 76% of the week) stay to realize yourself to do what you want. UND This is steadily more. The working time is sinking lasting, meanwhile, one thinks a four-day week.


But to realize himself, you need a form of education, otherwise you will learn your talents, skills, interests do not know at all (to respond to your other questions).

The "system", as you call it is necessary. The entire infrastructure, administration, support that some gets you will be provided by this system. You just have to submit some part of your income (taxes). E.g. The hospital in which you were born; The school in which you have learned and read (so that you can ask these nonsense questions here; all the scientists who have learned and studied in these facilitiesHave researched with state subsidies, so that someday anyone of this Internet, the WWW, invented your phone, etc. You dilor to the "system"!


And what is the true life now? Do not go to school & do not work?

OK, but how does it work exactly?

Even people who live in the jungle work (be it that they go hunting, make tools or grow something). The wars did not give anything.


View matter, but a valid interpretation.

Nevertheless, I would not compare real slavery. Now we have very many freedoms and privileges.


These are not a good idea. You should not bend you, you can aENG the system try to "bend". By which it becomes quite difficult.

Like one of the greats said: There are reasonable that bend the system, and crazy what the system bend. That's why our world is controlled by crazy.

Let's all live in a modern slave system / hamster wheel?