How often is your food shopping?

2021-09-05 03:04:00 DORA

Spontaneous Choose 42%

1x in the week Choose 26%

Each day Choose 13%

Other response Choose 10%

All 2 Weeks Choose 6%

1x per month Choose 3%


My regular shopping I do 1x week where I drive to the farmers market and there with vegetables covering me. On the way back I then drive in div. Locks over to get what's missing. But something is only on offer (e.g., action goods) what I want, I go a second time.

As a result, I do not want to go shopping in my week's weekly a problem only once a week shopping and then only another time to bring little things (eg vegetables that have become empty or just the Action goods that did not exist at regular purchasing). Most of the most, I have in stock anyway, so I would come out of fresh vegetables for weeks without shopping


Actually twice a week, but if something has been forgotten or spontaneously used, sometimes more often.


So 2x the week Determined .. Small things like drinks for the work every day .. on Saturday always "bulk purchase".


Every Friday after work ... but sometimes on Saturdays, but only if it is no different.


Do not go, I order. Most things are minimum for 10 days, often longer, that fits.

How often is your food shopping?