The pandemic is currently becoming a pandemic of uncovered. Are you concerned?

2021-09-05 04:02:36 AGNES

I am vaccinated or recovered: yes Choose 65%

I am vaccinated or recovered: no choose 18%

I'm unvoved: no choose 15%

I'm unvoved: Yes Choose 3%


I only worried that stupidity does not know any boundaries.

The vaccine only helps with the safety distance and mask and not with coronaparties of vaccinated.

It is still suggested that vaccinated are no carrier.

Who is vaccinated and participated in events without distances and mask, increases in the purchase, in which someone from his environment that is not vaccinated and then from Covid 19 verses.

Most interesting, by the way, is the recommendation for third-party third-party people, which were vaccinated with Astra.

Hello Wake ...

The vaccine is important And right.

But then to behave like that, as if everything passes all the best - that's asocial.

Everyone his Soma.

"Oh beautiful new world that has such citizens."


There are also people who can not vacate ,

Continue to ensure many infections for many. And every infection is a chance for the virus for a cheap mutation. e.g. A mutation where the vaccine acts absolutely 0 and then we are back at the beginning.


The pandemic worried me from the beginning. And from the beginning, it was clear to me that the measures were proclaimed to do nothing. This Lockdown Joho is a single catastrophe, as well as the attempts to boost the economy again.

I think with dealing with the pandemic, most governments have their complete inability to check outEstellt. It also shows that capitalism can not work as a financial system because it is not crisis-proof.

But on the positive side we have barely not since Corona until no flu-dead ... Yay ...


I'm not too worried. I think everything will be fine again, for vaccinated and unburping


I think that's sad. On the one hand, one can force nobody to vaccinate. On the other hand, we can only return to normalness with vaccination.

The pandemic is currently becoming a pandemic of uncovered. Are you concerned?