Survey: Do you have a short or long hair?

2021-09-05 05:00:52 SAMANTHA

Male - Short Choose 38%

Female - Medium-length, long choose 31%

Male - Middle length, long choose 23%

Female - long choose 8%


I have been briefly wearing my hair for almost 7 years. During the Lockdown in the early days of the pandemic my hair were much longer than in the 2019 year - but this had something to do with the fact that the hairdresses had closed.

I used to have very long hair. In between, I tried to let my hair grow a little longer, but the way is to "messy" until then.

Hope you can start something with my answer!

Greetings! : -)


Long hair bear, but I'm thinking about whether I cut the hair briefly again.


The option For female short. Have currently preferential chin-length hair, wAs I definitely would not call "medium".


My mane and narrow turkey latch


Since almost 5 months no longer to the barber because I got positive reactions.

Survey: Do you have a short or long hair?