Why are missionaries hated?

2021-09-05 06:02:00 RAQUEL

There is probably hardly a professional group she is so hated as missionaries, specific Christian missionaries. In many countries, the risk is also great that it is either the prison, attacked, is killed, or executed.

Can it be that people have a problem that the Bible could be true?


man and his collateral.

There is a danger that someone takes a beloved worldview to one of the previous beloved worldview, and the previous relative harmony of shared faith with people who you love suddenly no longer existed because a friend changes the faith, people sometimes fear, angry And you build a resistance to what you want to take someone.


The reason is not that the Bible could be true. The reason is that most people just do not want to hear, because they already have a different religion, or just believe in anything. And you have often heard these sermons 100 times and it's just annoying. Especially with e.g. Missionaries of Jehovah's WitnessesYou just knock random on your front door while you really want to have its peace. And many of the missionaries do not accept no. Also, no good prerequisite


Well that would think I really fit the most allest ones.

In the countries, however, there is often a high proportion of other religions, especially the Islam, which are very strictly strictly strictly. That leads then to freeze.


People have a problem to be missioned against their desire.

Who does not notice that and still tries to feel the consequences.

Then also to be sure that it is because the " people have a problem with the fact that the BIBelome could be true "shows how to arrive how to arrive there.


The problem is the way these people try to manipulate one.

Why are missionaries hated?