Where did you get to know your partner?

2021-09-05 06:03:40 HUGH

* If you have a partner *


My best friend got me a nice young woman in the summer of 2012, which was new to the city and still no one knew - this year we got married: -)

My two former girlfriends I met at the school (Realschule and Vocational School) or my second girlfriend and I knew from the chatroom weeks before we met and noticed who the others are each other :-) . And then we came together, it was a very nice and intense time.


Hello ♀️

I hope my "best friend" is also ...

Three years ago met the first time three years ago. Since the monkey is fully nanny in me and blew me up. Both with broken pants and each broken in-ear headphones there.

We have replaced the respective damage each other ... Since that we are well friend.

Some time ago he stood his love; Since that's all a bit "in the floating" ...



Knowledge of us since elementary school.

And suddenly contact again are 2 years happy together :)

(were already in love with elementary school)

Bin W 19 years

Where did you get to know your partner?