Should I remove a little?

2021-09-05 09:02:19 CHESTER

Honestly, please, Thank you

NE fits Choose 77%

Yes a bit harms choose 14%

other choose 9%


You have a great figure! It's not about how you look, but if you feel comfortable. Do not make your luck and your self-esteem depends on others.

Advertising generates a completely wrong picture of beauty in our heads, a look at Instagram is sufficient for this. None of the Influencer really looks like this, as in the photo, blemish and stains are completely normal, scars make life out, wrinkle giving experiences, small peculiarities make you out.

It used to be nice when people had more on the bone because this was for prosperity, in Asia a bright skin is popular because this also suggests prosperity and wealth, since only the workers through low work On the field brown wedEN. So you see, beauty is a construct that should capture what we want ourselves. But in any case, in the end it is not your wish, but an opinion you have appropriated from others. For this there are interesting examples in adolescents, this self-representation through brands clothing or just the perfect body is created only because you do not want to be excluded or otherwise perceived.

Always remember, happy to make you hunting for perfection But only the realization that you are just as perfect as you are and so many people like.

Do not let yourself unconsciously or consciously manipulate from your environment or media, every person is beautiful and especially. But if we all continue to a schLauermeitdoc run and let us all operate according to the same shutdown ideal, we not only lose our uniqueness, but also a piece of itself. Many stars have already operated depressed and sick, because in them the addiction to perfection has greater bigger than her Self-consciousness.

Do not define yourself through your external, people usually impress much more through inner values, which you certainly have experienced it before.

Please do not believe the pair of percent, which meant you should still have to Slimming, these people are likely to have also been blinded by media and filters and define their self-esteem through Likes and flattering words.

You live only once, the older you will, the more equal to you also with the ZEIt, what others think and what is important to you.

Concentrate on your happiness and your well-being, not to want others.


No, no circumstances - your figure is great and your weight determines in ideal range.


The figure is perfect in my opinion, would under no circumstances decrease


No I do not understand why some yes write you looks Good and healthy from SO


a little bit might still but that would probably rich more sports.

Should I remove a little?