What should this extreme prices?

2021-09-05 15:01:03 BROOKE

My father is very sad and annoyed that he can no longer borrow any films. First, the online giants made the video liabages hard and now has politics with their great rules + the persons under us the "new" monopoly prices also support the last in the city the light blown out. He could always borrow for 1 € 4k films and got extra for Christmas a Blu-ray player for it. He says he will never buy a movie because he looks at her anyway only 1x & that's not worth it.

My question How could it come that some people are so misguided & lend movies at these prices?


Does your father look something other than films? Sleeping, eating, life ...? No matter, his thing.

And no, not the giants have broken the video shops, but consumers, because no one wants to look more videos. Too cumbersome, too expensive, too slow ... How should this go for series? If he wants to see it all (just before to write "the whole Sch ***), then he has to complete all subscriptions. Forcing him no one does not do him.


I can do your father Understand. It is a pity that the video stores have disappeared and at prices of more than 5 euros, no more than 5 euros is likely to borrow a movie anymore.

The problem is, they still do it. Probably even in the assumption it Let RReally cheap. I would not do it with these peeling prices. In the video shops you have paid (as you say) 1 Euro per film. The online movie would be theoretically even cheaper due to lower costs and the omission of the service. Instead, he is six times so expensive. I find it incomprehensible that such services will be used at all.


The prices have fallen enormously in recent years, and you do not have to be extra in the video library, in the queue and note possible return periods.

that a movie that runs at the same time in the cinema has a higher price, is logical. The cinema operators have to survive somehow.

These "I-Will-All-Free "mentality is a UNING.

For "Prime" and "Netflix" you do not even pay 15 € per month. If your father is a movie fan, that's almost gift.


5 Euro I find justifiable and the new releases first costs should be clear. Only right where the cinema business has broken in. Cinema just looks 1x. You also want to produce new movies and production is becoming more and more expensive.


Apparently the providers make a bigger business. Which is whether many for little money or a few for a lot of money the films borrow and the variant a few for money makes more profit.

What should this extreme prices?