With 1.94m women too big?

2021-09-05 16:03:49 DELLA

Hello, I feel as if this size women extremely intimidates.

Can you do so if you are so great at all get to the women?


For me Purzel with 1.69 m at 1.92 m the border. Not, because that intimidates me, it just does not feel well, constantly putting his head in the neck to have eye contact in conversation.

But there are enough women over 1.75 m, the Looking forward to your size - if you are otherwise a decent guy :)


Of course, women like very big men, but I would not like it personally if body size and stature then do not match. So such a long slack figure or overweight, would not be mine. He would have to have a trained well-proportioned physique, but no bodybuilder


Yes, you can definitely wellcome. I'm only 1.57 and find great men still great. Women might be intimidated, but you can compensate for that by giving them security with your kind

With 1.94m women too big?