I feel so disgusting for rummages with a guy?

2021-09-05 16:05:04 CESAR


I have two problems and do not know and do not talk to someone talking about it. And I also exposed a trigger warning here.


I was 2 days ago on a big birthday party where several people were.

I came first and we were perfect.

The rest of the guests came against 10 and I was pretty drunk and I set up between a girlfriend and a stranger.

I'm always written and laid down on the shoulder from the guy.

As I said I was pretty dense.

When my friends and I went out for a moment, he also went with a friend.

He had held me and touched on the butt.

NiEmand has seen it because it was very dark.

Later he had asked me if we want to talk under 4 eyes and he went to the other building with me.

We talked quite nice and when I wanted to go (I'm rather shy and may not be alone with strangers) he took me at the waist and kissed me and put his hand in my pants D . H. Try me.

When I wanted to go a second time he had done that again.

I did not say anything because I did not dare. And did not notice anything in the situation because I was so drunk.

Now to the first thing:

Since then, I feel so dirty. It is not clear that he was somehow dirty or bad smelled.

Rather a disgust in myself.

I was a shower several times in the two days and I cleaned my mouth and my teeth thoroughly daily at least 10 times.

But this feeling is not gone. I disgust me so much in front of my mouth.

And at the points where he touched me it is even so bad that it feels like I would have worms or the like. I can not describe this feeling really well

The second thing:

I gave him my number and he saved her and wrote to me. But I do not want him from him. Really not.

But I do not trust him to write that.

What if I see him at some point at a party? My city is not too big.

Should I just ignore him? I get a new number in a month anyway.

I really do not fool him away. But now it's too late and I did not notice anything in the situation.

LG and hope for an answer to my problems.


What happened, you can no longer change and it would have been worse if he had done violence.

You were simply more comfortable because you have drunk too much And that should help you to behave differently next time and only drink as much as one tolerates. It could also go out differently and then you could no longer defend.

Perhaps not too freely released your number when you do not know the guy.

I did not say anything because I did not dare. And did not notice anything in the situation because I was so drunk.

Then you should work as soon as possible on your self-confidence and if you get any unpleasant, immediatelyNO to say and not just leave with someone separately on such an evening.

So that you have not noticed anything, otherwise you can not quite right, otherwise you would have reminder gaps.

If you differ from the other Nothing would like to do anything, he wrote to you, then you have to overcome and write him or say that you have drunk too much and you do not want to do anything from him.


Work on your self-esteem , reflecting what happened, forgive yourself the shares that were in your responsibility and swear to themselves, in the future better to take care of you

preference to overcome their supposed shyness is very uninterrupted and unfavorable, as you do themselves noted.

A glass of champagne makes dim maybe bolder in appearance ...

But pre-glow is just too much, makes you tired and loads men just to touch you, etc.


It would be Of course, if you have already made him aware of him and others in the situation, that you feel uncomfortable. Now you should write to him that you do not want to contact him anymore, so that the fronts are clarified.



Yes, that's the stop with the drink. I also have some memories where I think: you could really save you. If you can not suffer the guys, then do not contact them. And if you see the next time, then tell him: that he should leave you alone and to the notes search diR a friend or girlfriend watching for you. And if everything does not help to call the police.

But as I said, if you get so completely shooting, sometimes things happen where you think the next morning: Oh my God ...